A Smarter Solution

We strive to use technology, not billable hours, to support clients.  This keeps us aligned behind cost-effective solutions for clients..  SmartBooks is committed to being at the forefront of technology and is constantly researching, testing, and implementing new technologies to guarantee their reliability, efficiency, accuracy, and successful integration.

Multiple general ledger software

  • QuickBooks (online and desktop versions)
  • Xero
  • Intacct

Unlike many competitors, SmartBooks supports multiple core general ledger software.  Depending on your specific needs, we will use the best solution.  Supporting multiple G/L software requires a large investment by SmartBooks in training, technology, R&D, and quality assurance but our clients deserve the best solution.


  • In our DNA as one of our Core Values is Deliver Scalable Solutions
  • Technology automates transactions so they occur in milliseconds rather than hours
  • Can upgrade systems to grow with our clients’ needs

While most clients are small businesses with annual revenue of $500k to $10 million, our technology has allowed us to supported one client who grew from zero revenue to $16 million in three years, and another client with annual revenue of $70 million across over 50 entities, because in both cases we could automate their accounting using technology.

Systems integration

  • Eliminate double or triple entry of data
  • Increase speed and accuracy
  • Reduce manual data entry time and cost

Whether billing and collections, revenue recognition, multi-entity consolidated reporting or just basic vendor bill processing, our systems integrate to save time of everyone thus enabling cost-effective solutions that also deliver more timely and accurate accounting solutions.

Current technology partners

  • We don’t limit our work to the general ledger
  • We support the applications that many clients use to run their business

Examples include document management, accounts payable, expense reports, timesheets, e-commerce, inventory, CRM, time and billing, revenue management, payroll, benefits, document management, 1099s, and mail handling & check depositing.

General Ledger:

Timesheets, Billing & PSA:

Revenue Management:

Accounts Payable:

Expense Reports:


Payroll & Benefits:


We’d love to show you how we can help your business.