We have a proven solution to help Software companies grow

Our clients have grown exponentially using SmartBooks systems.  Clients have actually grown over a 3 year period from zero to $15+ million in annual revenue. Software companies go public on the Intacct general ledger software we support.  SmartBooks is committed to being at the forefront of technology to help our clients, and our CEO is on the national accounting advisory board of Intacct.  However, our solution remains a good, affordable fit for startup software companies looking to get a good foundation in place but who are not yet doing millions in annual revenue.  Our Core Values include Deliver Scalable Solutions and Explain the Numbers, particularly relevant to software companies.  

What Makes Us Different?

Our scalable solutions enable exponential growth.
We can automate recurring customer invoicing and collections.
We deliver software-specific metrics using systems, not manually in Excel.
Metrics and Accounting for SaaS companies

Metrics Matter

We enable CEOs and CFOs to focus on growing their business, not babysitting bookkeeping.  We are not simply bookkeepers, we deliver a true audit-ready accounting and reporting solution.

We’d love to show you how we can help your business.