Outsourced Payroll Services

Payroll shouldn't be complicated, it isn't with SmartBooks.

Managing and processing payroll and benefits is a critical business process that has to be done right and on time.  Don’t let these time-sensitive tasks get in the way of running your company. Our client HR team manages payroll and benefits including employee onboarding, changes, and terminations in payroll and benefits systems, regular payroll processing, annual benefits renewal, tax and other government reporting, and the associated technology platforms.


  • Best-in-class payroll and benefits providers, including timesheet systems
  • Virtually paperless operations
  • Employee portal access to payroll and benefits systems

Technology in the payroll and benefits space is evolving rapidly.  SmartBooks stays on the forefront, finding efficient solutions for clients and delivering integrated solutions to minimize or eliminate any duplicate data enty and minimize the amount of time clients and their employees need to spend on payroll and benefits elections and submissions.


Skill and reliability

  • Support from a team, so payroll runs when the primary manager is on vacation or out sick
  • Degreed, certified HR professionals
  • From simple salaried employees in one office to multi-location national businesses

We have a dedicated client HR services team.  This is a big upgrade from tasking your bookkeeper with doing payroll and benefits in addition to your books.  Most bookkeepers and accountants don’t really know about payroll and benefits, leaving you at risk if you do not have HR professionals on your team.

We support your level of complexity

  • Part-time, full-time, hourly and salaried employees
  • Employees working in multiple locations/states/tax jurisdictions
  • Job costing for service businesses

You have enough to worry about running your business, especially as it grows and gets more complicated.  Let SmartBooks worry about your associated payroll and benefits needs. Our skill and experience will deliver a solution meeting your specific needs.

We’d love to show you how we can help your business.