Outsourced Payroll & Benefits Management

Simple. Reliable. Scalable.

We know how important payroll and benefits management is to you and your small business, but we also know that making sure it gets done every pay period can be disruptive to your schedule. Our team of payroll and benefits specialists can give you your time back, along with the confidence that your payroll and benefits management is happening like clockwork, every time.

Payroll & Benefits Management You and Your Team Can Count On

It’s easy to take for granted, but there’s probably no function that your team counts on more fundamentally than payroll. It may seem like a simple job, but managing payroll and benefits administration can quickly become time-consuming and burdensome. It’s not that you have more important things to do with your time, but chances are good you have better things to do with your time, especially if you’re working on growing your company.

Outsourcing your payroll and benefits management to SmartBooks ensures that these critical functions happen smoothly and reliably. Your employees will get paid right and on time, open enrollment periods will be efficient, and employee changes to your team will be managed seamlessly — and you’ll get your time back to focus on areas where you add the most value to your company and team. It’s a win for your employees and a win for you!

Payroll & Benefits Management Service Plans For Small Businesses

Whether you have a small salaried staff working from a single office or a multi-location business with high staff turnover and a mix of compensation plans, your most basic needs are the same: payroll and related functions need to be done on time and right, without your having to worry about it. Every SmartBooks Payroll Management service plan starts with that core promise and builds an operational plan to meet your business’s precise needs.

Payroll Management Services

  • Support for any mix of part-time, full-time, hourly, salaried, and performance-based compensation plans
  • Scalable from single-state, single-office workforces to multiple states, offices, and tax jurisdictions
  • Integration with leading small business payroll processing platforms like ADP and Gusto
  • 401(k) processing
  • Employee withholdings and benefits contribution rates
  • Tax and other government reporting
  • New employee onboarding, change management, and terminations/resignations
  • On-call, as-needed expert support for your questions

Benefits Management Services

  • Open enrollment and add/change/drop orders
  • ACA reporting
  • New employee onboarding, change management, and terminations/resignations
  • On-call, as-needed expert support for your questions

SmartBooks Payroll & HR Self-Diagnostic

Most businesses build their HR and payroll processes pretty organically, with the same “get it done” DIY determination that got the business off the ground in the first place. That works great for a while, but at some point in every business’s evolution, it’s time for a more robust solution.

The SmartBooks Payroll & HR Self-Diagnostic will give you quick insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your approach to managing HR and payroll. You’ll gain the confidence to continue on in the areas you’re on track and an agenda for what you need to work on to address the issues.

An Integrated Payroll & Benefits Management Solution

Payroll processing companies and benefits brokers are great, but they aren’t designed to address all of your payroll and benefits management needs. Interfacing with that payroll processor, for instance, still requires ample time from you or a highly trusted team member — and that time needs to be viewed as sacred each pay period.

Outsourcing payroll and benefits management eliminates the need for you or anyone on your team to set aside a block of time every pay period for entering data into your payroll processing platform and reduces the time needed to handle employee add/change/drop needs. With SmartBooks, you’ll have peace of mind that payroll and benefits are getting done right. And when questions come up as you grow your business, you’ve got an expert at the ready!

“SmartBooks reduced the need for us to double- or triple-check our payroll information. They’ve given us our time back, along with peace of mind that the work is being done accurately.”

Jacob Sprague

Vice President

GF Sprague


Outsourced Payroll & Benefits Management for Small Businesses

SmartBooks specializes in meeting the outsourced payroll, HR, bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs of small businesses. We work with clients across a range of industries — from software to professional services to ecommerce — and we’ve helped companies from across the country, as well as U.S. subsidiaries of international companies. Our unique blend of great people, efficient technologies, and robust processes can help you get better results, without breaking your budget.


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