U.S. Subsidiaries of International Companies

Reduce the complexities associated with international business

We understand it can be daunting to launch and conduct business in another country.  There are legal and tax complications.  On a more basic level, simply receiving mail, depositing customer payments, and getting bookkeeping and accounting done can be a challenge.  If you do not have an administrative office with accounting staff in the U.S., SmartBooks can provide you all your day to day bookkeeping and accounting needs including receiving mail, billing and collecting from customers, depositing checks, accounts payable, the monthly closing of the books, and financial reporting.  We work with leading international CPA firms and attorneys and can make referrals as needed to round out your U.S. support team.

What Makes Us Different?

For years we have supported other U.S. subsidiaries of international companies. We understand you often require more comprehensive support as the U.S. is not your home market.
We have relationships with CPA firms with expertise in international tax and with law firms with expertise in cross-border legal matters. This means you get the support you need when more complicated issues arise.
We’ll even open our office to you to use as your administrative office in the U.S. for mail receiving and customer payment depositing.

We’d love to show you how we can help your business.