Funded Startups

Having raised capital, your accounting has become a priority

Investors expect accurate and timely financial reports.  You’ll need to maintain a budget and forecast and compare actual results against budget.  Accrual accounting is likely required.  An audit may be on the horizon.  Internal resources are spread thin.  The idea of hiring and managing accountants yourself is low on your priority list. You need scalable systems to support future growth.  SmartBooks has supported many businesses facing these challenges. We understand the need for startups to balance accounting against other spending priorities and make sure you get a cost-effective solution from SmartBooks that meets your needs but is not overkill. 

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What Makes Us Different?

Our scalable solutions support your exponential growth. Clients have grown in three years from zero revenue to $15+ million in annual revenue.
We offer a skilled accounting and payroll team for less than the cost of one employee.
Metrics matter to us. In addition to financial statements we deliver industry-specific metrics you need to run your business.
Capitalization Summary Accounting for Startup Companies
Accounting for Startup companies - SmartBooks

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