Financial Operating System

The Financial Operating System (FOS) empowers you as a small business owner to financially control your business, instead of the business controlling you. This means more profit, better cash flow, clearer and easier management, and less stress. There are 3 components to the FOS, supported by the Finance Stack. Optionally, you may choose to jumpstart your financial health with our Finance Acceleration Service.

Annual Goals

  • What you strive to achieve each year

  • 12-month forecast updated monthly

  • Revenue, profit, margins, growth rates

Monthly Metrics

  • Operating results and ratios

  • Geared to monthly measurement periods

  • Aligned with annual goals

Weekly Scorecard

  • Activities

  • Lending indicators

  • Aligned with monthly results

Finance Stack

Facilitated by:

  • “Finance Acceleration” service to jumpstart your financial health.
  • SmartBooks software to manage forecasting and reporting of Annual Goals and Monthly Metrics.
  • Outsourced services as needed to round out the Finance Stack.