SmartBooks doesn’t compete with CPA firms. We complement them.

Successful CPA firms depend on excellent bookkeeping. CPA firms appreciate it when their clients maintain clean books and records. Not only is it better for their clients, but it also makes the CPA’s job easier and allows them to spend time on higher value client activities. SmartBooks has also worked with CPA’s to design an end-of-year tax support package which provides their clients’ information in the most efficient manner for completing end of year taxes, thereby requiring less time to do the taxes which results in greater profitability for the CPA and happier clients who benefit from the savings. Less time spent on each client means CPA firms can now service more clients doing higher value and more profitable work. CPA firms also know they’re taking risks when they prepare tax returns or offer audit opinions derived from messy books, and they’d rather not find themselves in that position. For these reasons, many CPA firms would like to offer their clients improved bookkeeping services, but they recognize that they are not optimally configured to offer those services themselves at a cost-effective price.

SmartBooks can help. We work with many CPA firms and their clients on either a referral or wholesale basis depending on the firms’ preference. Learn how SmartBooks can make life easier for CPAs