Husband and wife Calvin and Jenny Wilder founded SmartBooks in 2009 with a simple but powerful conviction:

Small and mid-sized business owners deserve better.

Prior to starting SmartBooks, both Cal and Jenny had spent years working with small businesses (Cal in IT and Jenny in law). Both had seen first hand the ways small and mid-sized companies were underserved and forgotten, too often forced to choose between overpriced and over-sized solutions designed for much larger companies or just getting by with stop-gap measures they could afford but which didn’t really address their needs.

Cal and Jenny started SmartBooks to change that by giving small and mid-sized businesses service options designed specifically for both their needs and their budgets.

Outsourcing Designed for SMBs

SmartBooks’ commitment to small and mid-sized companies is grounded in the Wilders’ founding vision for SmartBooks:

Small and mid-sized businesses can—and should—get more for their dollar.

Service packages and an operational model designed specifically for SMBs change the economics of service delivery, giving business owners and executives a high-quality service they can count on, without breaking any budgets.

SMBs deserve access to experts and specialists, at a price they can afford.

Traditionally, business owners and executives have been forced to choose between a very part-time expert or a more full-time generalist. SmartBooks’ outsourcing model gives business owners access to a full team of skilled and experienced staff—at a fraction of the cost of even a single similarly skilled full-time employee.

It’s about more than staff augmentation or staff outsourcing.

People are centrally important, but it’s not just about finding a person to do the work. By effectively leveraging the skills of talented people, along with specially designed processes and killer technologies, SmartBooks can deliver a superior bookkeeping and accounting function to our clients at a price SMBs can comfortably afford.

SMBs shouldn’t have to settle.

Most SMBs are stuck choosing between a part-time specialist who’s rarely available or a full-timer who may be great in a thousand different ways but simply isn’t a trained bookkeeper or accountant. Without the budget for a full-time bookkeeper, accountant, or controller, business owners and executives have been forced to accept a fundamentally compromised solution. SmartBooks changes that.

SMBs have unique bookkeeping and accounting needs.

SMBs are more than just scaled-down versions of larger companies and enterprises, and a bookkeeping/accounting service designed specifically for SMBs can deliver better results at a better price.

How We Work

Reliability No Matter Where You—or We—Are

SmartBooks is headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, but our employees live and work across the country. From the beginning, SmartBooks was built as a remote-first workforce, built to provide outstanding service from anywhere to anywhere.

Technology Is Only Part of the Solution

SMBs have been promised an automated solution to their bookkeeping and accounting needs for years, and there’s no question that tools like QuickBooks Online and Xero make life a lot easier. We embrace technology whole-heartedly, but we believe the real solution lies at the intersection of people, process, and technology. Ask any client what makes SmartBooks work for them, and you’re far more likely to hear about the team than the technology.

Core Values Really Are Our Core

It’s easy to list company values, but we live them, every day, and hold ourselves accountable to infusing our work with each other and our clients with those values. (Appropriately, “Be Accountable” is Core Value #1!)

Be Accountable

We’re a company of accountants and bookkeepers, so this one is right up our alley (at least if you’re feeling at all punny). But it’s also Core Value #1 for a reason: we know that outsourcing any of your financial functions is a big deal, and we own that responsibility 100%. We can’t promise we’ll never make a mistake, but we can promise that we’ll do all we can to make good on every mistake.

Deliver Scalable Solutions

We started SmartBooks in part because we thought small and mid-sized businesses deserved solutions designed for their size and complexity. As your needs change, we’ll help you navigate that growth and complexity and make sure that your SmartBooks engagement is aligned with what your business truly needs. We’re committed to giving you a good value, whether all you need is basic bookkeeping or you’re ready for a fully integrated solution of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and HR.

Go the Extra Mile

Part of why we work with small and mid-sized businesses is really simple: we love SMBs, and we believe in the power and potential unique to small businesses. We started SmartBooks because we believed SMBs deserved better, so we’re going to go above and beyond to make sure each of our clients, in fact, gets better.

Enjoy the Ride

It’s a cliche, but it’s true: life’s too short not to enjoy and believe in what you’re doing. We’re committed to doing great work for our clients, to helping business owners and executives run and grow their businesses. But we’re also committed to connecting with our colleagues and clients as people and to making sure each day includes a good laugh or smile.


The SmartBooks Team



Calvin Wilder

CEO & Founder

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Jenny Wilder

Founder & Chairman


Ken Paskins

Chief Operating Officer

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Bob Buwalda

Vice President of Sales


Chandler Collison

Chief Marketing Officer


Alex Cugini


Sales & Marketing


Chanelle Romano

Solutions Architect


Vu Tram

Senior Account Manager


Ana Walker

Growth Hacker

Service Managers

Stephanie H Photo1

Stephanie Hartnett



Lindsay Jarosch

Accounting Project Manager


Lori LePoer

Accounting Project Manager


Kristin Rowlands


Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Operations Manager


Timothy Wear

Client Services Manager

Client Services


Mary Beaudoin

Payroll Specialist


Sarah Beguelin


Sarah Carabitses1

Sarah Carabitses


Cardonick, Robyn - Cropped

Robyn Cardonick

Senior Accountant

3110 West Azeele Street
Tampa Florida 33609

Jennifer Chan



Maureen Cook



Jana Cooper



Amanda Courtemanche

Payroll Specialist

Dowell, Lisa - Website

Lisa Dowell



Kathy Farland


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Rebecca Gordon

Senior Payroll Specialist

Joan Graves

Joan Graves


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Monique Grayer



Heather Harwood



Carol Johnson


Kelly LaPrade

Kelly LaPrade


McClain, Annie - Crop

Annie McClain


O'Rourke, Kelly - Website

Kelly O’Rourke

Accountant & Training Specialist

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Chelsea Parent



Lisa Self


Ethan Viers

Ethan Viers


Join the SmartBooks Team

We’re always looking for good people who know bookkeeping and accounting, love small and mid-sized businesses, and embrace our Core Values. We’re committed to taking care of our employees, and all SmartBookers enjoy:

  • Flexibility to work remotely most of the time
  • Generous PTO
  • Competitive compensation
  • Home office monthly stipend
  • Medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance
  • 401(k) plan
  • Professional development program and reimbursement
  • Company social events and charity initiatives
  • Stock appreciation rights