Bookkeeping Services

SmartBooks uses technology to make bookkeeping faster, more accurate, more responsive and more accessible.

Controller Service

All SmartBooks solutions include controller-level services to provide internal controls and oversight for every client we serve.

Full Finance Department

From pre-revenue to public company, SmartBooks is there to provide all your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

How Are You Currently Doing Bookkeeping?

Let us show you how SmartBooks can make your life easier.

I’m using an outsourced solution - SmartBooks

I’m doing it myself or using a multi-tasked employee.


  • Limited accounting/finance skills means messy books
  • Bookkeeping may not be a priority and may be neglected
  • Confidentiality is hard to maintain
  • Relying on one employee to do so much for your business is risky
  • Requires high level of oversight and management
  • Requires time away from growing your business
I’m using an outsourced solution - SmartBooks

I’m using a part-time contract bookkeeper.


  • Limited availability and responsiveness
  • You have to conform to their schedule
  • Competence and skills vary widely depending on the individual
  • Reporting can be delayed, inaccurate, or non-existent
  • Relying on a part-time individual is risky
I’m using an outsourced solution - SmartBooks

I’m using a full-time employee or accounting team.


  • Internal controls may be weak, leaving you at risk
  • Often can’t deliver all accounting/reporting needs
  • Full-time employee is expensive, with taxes, benefits, office space, and other costs
  • Little or no controller oversight, relying on only a few people is risky
  • Accounting shuts down or suffers if someone goes on vacation, is sick, or falls victim to an unfortunate accident
  • More employees to manage
I'm using an outsourced solution - SmartBooks

I’m using an outsourced solution.


  • Their people can be hard to reach and may never come to your office
  • Can be very expensive with unpredictable hourly charges
  • May employ only part-time employees which requires you to conform to the employees schedule
  • Security of information, access to data, or ability to get financials may be an issue

Using Your Existing Bookkeeping Software or Migrating You to a Better Solution

And integrating it with your: Bank Accounts, E-Commerce, CRM, ERP, POS, Expense Reports, Timesheets, Payroll, Document Management, 1099’s, Mail Handling & Check Depositing, Collections, or other software you have internally

To become the most valued and most referred provider of bookkeeping and accounting management solutions to small and midsize businesses by helping business owners get the most out of their books.

  • I’ve been in business for almost 30 years and I have never been so satisfied and pleased with the way cash comes in and out of here.

    I have complete understanding and control over how the cash flow is managed. I’m able to understand the receivables and pay bills with just the stroke of the keyboard. I’m not dependent on somebody. I can do it when I’m ready to do it. I don’t have to stay here Tuesday and Thursday nights and wait for the bookkeeper.

    - Anthony Buono, Black & Buono

  • I cannot thank SmartBooks enough for coming in and taking over bookkeeping duties for us. We were an organization that badly needed them, and we have been very pleased with everything they have to offer. They provide excellent customer service, are quick to respond to questions or issues, and we have come to trust them with our finances from top to bottom – so much so that when we needed a new accountant, it was their recommendation that we sought out first. Could not recommend them highly enough.

    - Reyna Ramirez, NEIP

  • I’ve managed several companies and have been frequently frustrated with accounting processes, people management, and inaccurate/untimely reporting.  Searching for a better way to handle accounting I came across SmartBooks and fell in love with the concept.  They integrated my POS and Hotel software with my accounting software and provided me with real-time visibility and reports into my operation. Best part is I don’t have to manage people or schedules, instead SmartBooks guarantees a result. I only wish I had come across their solution earlier as it has saved me a ton of money, time, and provided much better reporting than I have ever had in the past. I now have more time to focus on the growth of my business and on increasing efficiency elsewhere.

    - Jurgen Demisch, Concord's Colonial Inn

  • I find SmartBooks to be a great solution for my bookkeeping needs. The integration of SAAS based technology has been a real efficiency tool for me and my organization, furthermore the people and their dedication to superior customer service are top notch!

    - Jeff Leerink, Leerink

  • As a small business, Smartbooks is the ideal bookkeeping solution because they are on-call as if they were a full-time employee, but at only a fraction of the cost.  They are able to grow with you, and to be honest switching to their solution was one of the top 10 most effective and efficient decisions I’ve ever made in the 4 years of building my edtech company.

    - Melissa Pickering, iCreate to Educate

  • SmartBooks was able to condense a lot of data from various sources into an easy-to-read and actionable plan. Their clear and cogent financial leadership helped propel our company’s growth in a seamless and pain-free manner.

    - Chris Joffe, Joffe Emergency Services

  • SmartBooks leveraged technology, knowledgeable staff, and a committed customer service mentality to transform our bookkeeping operations into a lean mean accounting machine!

    - Jonathan Aharon, Formlabs

  • SmartBooks is very responsive to our needs, and has gone the extra mile in terms of helping us transition to an external accounting firm, and to complete our audit in Year 1.  The quality of staff is impressive.

    - Gabrielle Ross, HealthQuarters